Animal Calypso is a song from Best Circus Acts In Town. It was originally written by John Kander and Fred Ebb.


Snarling jaws and sharpened claws
We like to growl and roar
We do it all for your applause
To hear you scream for more
But here's a little secret
That we seldom will disclose
We animals have a favorite dance
And this is how it goes

First move to the right
Dressed in black and white
You'll be dancing the animal calypso
Race around the ring
Start to sway and swing
Then you're dancing the animal calypso
If you leap through the air
Take a chance if you dare
Climb up on a little stair
Wag your tail from here to there
Stand on your very tiptoe
And do the animal calypso

Hitch a ride on a horse's hide
But get here fast or slow
Twirl a rope as you sit astride
A beefy buffalo
Now stretch up tall and heed the call
And then turn 'round and 'round
There's no denyin' a big ol' lion
When he hears this jungle sound

If you turn upside down
While on an elephant's crown
You'll be dancing the animal calypso
You don't have to stoop
Or jump through a fiery hoop
To be dancing the animal calypso
Kick your legs way up high
Make them reach for the sky
Don't just sit around and purr
Come along; Shake your fur
It's very, very hip so
Do the animal calypso

It's such a lovely thing
To join in the center ring
While we're dancing the animal calypso
It's very, very hip so
Do the animal calypso

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