Back in The Backyard Again
Children's television series
Created by:
Based on:
The Backyardigans

Back in The Backyard Again is a spinoff of The Backyardigans. The series now includes a new character and some of the Backyardians' relatives. The series was based on one pilot episode written back in 2015 and was officially announced in April 2016 by Dove.


Main Characters

  • Uniqua - a uniqua; one of the six main characters
  • Tasha - a hippo; one of the six main characters
  • Tyrone - a moose; one of the six main characters
  • Pablo - a penguin; one of the six main characters
  • Austin - a kangaroo; one of the six main characters
  • Lily - a cat; one of the six main characters and the new girl

Recurring Characters

  • Connor - a kangaroo; Austin's older brother
  • Grace - a penguin; Pablo's younger sister
  • Toby - a moose; Tyrone's twin brother

Guest/Minor Characters

  • Uniqua's mum - a uniqua; mentioned and appears occasionally
  • Tasha's mum and dad - hippos; mentioned and appear occasionally
  • Tyrone's mum - a moose; mentioned and appears occasionally
  • Pablo's mum and dad - penguins; mentioned and appear occasionally



  1. Happy Fairytale Birthday

Season 1

  1. Coming Soon

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