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Featured Article: "King Austin and the Knights of the Round Table"

King Austin and the Knights of the Round Table

"King Austin and the Knights of the Round Table" is a fanmade episode written by Hornean as part of "The Backyardigans 2.0".

Featured Role: King Austin (King Austin and the Knights of the Round Table)

King Austin - King Arthur

King Austin is a young monarch played by Austin.


King Austin is mostly of a purple color. He wears a red royal doublet, his gray tights, red slippers, and a crown. He has a sword stapped to his belt. He carries a royal scepter. He also wears a red royal mantle. When he goes out on journeys with his knights, he wears a silver knight suit, with a purple shirt underneath, along with a purple cape. Unlike the knights, he doesn't wear a helmet with a feather. Instead, he keeps his crown on.

Featured Video: "The Missing Popcorn"

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The Missing Popcorn

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