An "Backyardirating" It all belongs to TV.



TV-A (All Ages)

Suitable for all ages. No scary content for young people.

TV-12 (Not Reccomended for People Younger than 12+)

NOTE: It doesn't work anymore with scary scenes. This is with TV-R.

TV-13 (Not Reccomended for People Younger than 14+)

Maybe contains some blood or strong language... i don't know...

TV-M (Reccomended for People Older than 17+)

Reccomended for mature audiences. It does not work with strong launguage.

TV-R (Restricted)

The final rating. It doesn't work with movies.


  • The ratings TV-13 and TV-R are the same content.
  • On the list were the PG rating but was erased.
  • Formely, when no rating appears, it looks like suitable for all ages.

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