Clarinetist Uniqua is a musician played by Uniqua.




Played By Uniqua
Original roles

Commander UniquaPolicewoman Uniqua UnderhoodOfficer UniquaQueen UniquaAgent Pink

2.0 Pilot roles

ClaraUniquarellaPrincess BeauniquaSecond Mate UniquaPrincess Uniqua (The Pirate King)

2.0 Season 1 roles

Princess Uniqua (The Sleeping Princess)Snow UniquaQueen Uniqua (King Austin and the Knights of the Round Table)Prime Minister Uniqua (The Emperor's New Robe)Queen Uniqua (The Gold Touch)Princess Uniqua (Pablostiltskin)Uniqua the Snow QueenUniquapunzelMermaid Uniqua (The Prince and the Mermaid)The Queen of Hearts (Tasha's Adventures in Wonderland)The Queen of Hearts (Nursery Tale Village)Princess Uniqua (The Princess and the Frog Prince)Uniqua DiquaBaker UniquaMermaid Uniqua (Save the Mermaid Kingdom)Queen Uniqua (The Horse Kings)Uniqua the Ballet DancerPrincess Uniqua (The Princess and the Marble)Villager Uniqua

2.0 Season 2 roles
Baroness UniquaWeaver UniquaMiss Uniqua PeacockQueen Uniqua (The Cat Who Cried Wolf)Night Soldier UniquaQueen Uniqua (The Firefighter Knights)Photographer UniquaPrincess StretchyPiccolo Player UniquaLady UniquaWaitress UniquaDr. Uniqua (Doggy Doctors)Empress UniquaQueen Uniqua (Be My Royal Valentine)Princess Uniqua (The Royal Siblings Race)
2.0 Season 3 roles
Detective UniquaHandmaiden UniquaFisherwoman UniquaJester UniquaMartial Arts Student UniquaChef Student UniquaQueen Uniqua (Where In The World Is Sophie Santiago)Beach Girl UniquaCircus Performer UniquaCrystal UniquaLady Uniqua the Sweet
2.0 Season 4 roles
Banshee UniquaDuchess UniquaCowgirl Uniqua
2.0 Season 5 roles
Admiral UniquaDr. Uniqua (Weirder Things)Clarinetist UniquaPrime Minister Uniqua (A Sticky Situation)

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