This article is a transcript for the episode Faith Over Fear.


(Inside, the cave is very dark)

Jordan (Squire Jordan): Now this is dark.

Austin (Sir Austin): Oh boy.

Jordan (Squire Jordan): Steady now, Sir Austin. Remember...

Austin (Sir Austin): I know. Dear God, help me to have faith in you here in the dark. I trust you to bring us out safely. Amen.

Jordan (Squire Jordan): Amen.

Voice: Amen.

Austin (Sir Austin): Who said that?

Voice: I did.

Austin (Sir Austin) and Jordan (Squire Jordan): (gasps) Something's in here with us!

Voice: I'm not a thing. I'm a friend, and I live here.

Jordan (Squire Jordan): You live here? Why would anyone want to live in the cave of darkest gloominess?

Voice: Oh, it's not as bad as you think. Come with me over here and watch what happens when I turn on the light.

(Sir Austin and Squire Jordan follow the voice and the other part of the cave reveals a room filled with shiny crystals. Sir Austin and Squire Jordan came in along with Uniqua who wears a white gown and a shiny tiara.)

Jordan (Squire Jordan): Oh my!

Austin (Sir Austin): Wow!

Uniqua (Crystal Uniqua): See? This isn't the cave of darkest gloominess. This is the crystal cavern, my home. And my name is Crystal Uniqua.

Austin (Sir Austin): This is beautiful! But I don't know how you can stand it when it's so dark. Why aren't you afraid?

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