This is a list of fanmade dubs of The Backyardigans, The Backyardigans 2.0, and The Frontyardigans.

The Backyardigans


Local Title - ගෙදර මිතුරෝ

Romanized Title - Gedara Miturō

Translation - Backyard Friends

Consists of - Seasons 1 and 2


Local Title - Градинските животни

Romanized Title - Gradinskite Zhivotni

Translation - The Garden Animals

Consists of - 10 episodes from Season 2, 6 episodes from Season 3 and 4 episodes from Season 4


Local and Romanized Title - Grădina mare

Translation - The Big Garden

Consists of - 12 episodes of Season 2 and 8 episodes of Season 3

The Backyardigans 2.0

The Frontyardigans

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