This cereal Created By Pablo And Tyrone

Style Is A Box.Colored with blue.


  • Snow Flakes With chocolate
  • Freeze:Staberry
  • Freeze:Blueberry
  • Chocolate With Nuts
  • Chocolate Lite
  • Staberry Lite
  • The Adventures of Uniqua & Pablo: The Movie Mixed Flavours
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Chocolate+Stabbery=Mixed Flavours
  • Grape Flavour
  • Limon Flavour
  • Mixed:ICE!
  • yummy yummy (2010 Version)
  • Yummy Yummmy (2013 version)
  • Delichious apples
  • Mixed :Nuts AT Milk
  • Staberry Power (2009 Only)
  • Milk Flakes
  • Fruit Salad Avalanche
  • El Taco Macho(Mexico Somenting)
  • Staberry Cake
  • Chocolate 100%
  • Mint Flavour With Prize :A Digital cup
  • Nuts With Marshmallows

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