SUMMER FUN is the third and final video by JettaLee28 featuring the Backyardigans as stuffed animals.



September 6, 2009
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The gang goes outside for some excitement during the summer. Pablo starts the day playing basketball, but is beat again by Tyrone. Pablo accidentally bounces Austin and Uniqua's beachball into the water. To end the day, the five want to float in the pool, but are splashed by the Big Guy. They dry off and Pablo finds something he's good at - grilling food! At the end of his adventure, Pablo tells his buddies how he loved spending the day playing, swimming, and most of all, having fun with his friends!


  • When the other four tell warn Pablo about falling in the basketball hoop again, they are making a reference to the first episode, Backyard Basement, in which Pablo falls for the first time.
  • Tyrone calls himself "Da Man" for the second time when playing basketball, like in Backyard Basement when he gives himself the nickname.


  • "Pablo, we've talked about this."
  • "You really are Da Man."

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