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(We begin in the backyard where Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin are playing. They are wearing masks and capes and pretending to fly)

Pablo: Oh, hi. I'm Pablo.

Tyrone: I'm Tyrone.

Uniqua: My name's Uniqua.

Tasha: I'm Tasha.

Austin: And I'm Austin. And today, we're...

Everyone: Superheroes!

Pablo: Super Fashion Heroes!

Tasha: We fly around Sunlight City saving the day with a passion for fashion.

Austin: I'm Fashion Thinker. I can think of any cool designs.

Tasha: I'm Captain Design. I can design beatiful outfits and dresses.

Uniqua: I'm Princess Super Sparkle. I can make any outfit sparkle.

Tyrone: I'm Dr. Stitch. I can stitch any thing together.

Pablo: And I'm Fashion Commentor. I comment on outfits.

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