Tasha is a fun-loving hippo who likes to play pretend with her friends. 

She is best friends with Uniqua. On occassion, she love to play girly games and talk fancy. Tasha is very intelligent, and likes to be in charge most of the time. Depending on what character she is playing, Tasha can also be a little bossy, although Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, and Austin don't mind this. Ultimately, Tasha knows how to have an exciting adventure, and her friends love and respect her very much.


Tasha is yellow and wears an orange dress. Eight light orange flowers are on her dress. She has red Mary Janes. Tasha has a reddish-pink tongue and black eyelashes. She has two yellow ears on her head.


Tasha has appeared in many fanmade episodes of The Backyardigans.

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