This article is a transcript for the episode The Berry Hunt.


(growling sound)

Pablo (Farmer Pablo): (stuttering) What's that sound?

Andrew (Farmer Andrew): What sound?

(growling sound)

Penny (Farmer Penny): That. That growling sound. Do you think it was a nackerwhack?

(growling sound)

Andrew (Farmer Andrew): That doesn't sound like a nackerwhack.

(Andrew turns and gasps)

Andrew (Farmer Andrew): Guys?

Pablo and Penny (Farmers Pablo and Penny): Yes, Andrew?

Andrew (Farmer Andrew): Th-th-there's a wet nose, two big eyes, and sharp teeth. B-b-but th-that's not a nackerwhack. Th-that's a-a-a-a...

(As Andrew, Pablo, and Penny slowly backs away, a furry animal comes out of the darkness and roars)

Andrew (Farmer Andrew): (shouts) BEAR!

Pablo and Penny (Farmers Pablo and Penny): RUN!

(Andrew, Pablo, and Penny runs off and the bear began to chase them. Andrew, Pablo, and Penny rushed out the cave and mounted their horses and the horses galloped.)

(Suddenly, the bear came out of the cave)

Pablo (Farmer Pablo): Andrew, he's chasing us!

Penny (Farmer Penny): What are we going to do?

Andrew (Farmer Andrew): We'll have to go back the way we came! We got out of the cave, now we'll have to cross the bridge, pass the tree, go through the tall grass, and get our horses to jump over the river. It's the only way to head back home!

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