Episode Info

The Case of the Giant Sky Blue Walrus is the second episode of "The Humbledigans" written by Springroller.


Nature news reporters Todge, Dweeb and Joan track the yeti through the Frozen North, in order to track a special breed of walrus for a special flash. But Dweeb is not concerned about this quest, 'cause he think there's no such thing as a special breed of walrus. Todge and Joan are trying to convice Dweeb that there's really such thing as a special breed of walrus, especially the Giant Sky Blue Walrus. Meanwhile, the Giant Sky Blue Walrus is excited to find explorers near his home, and he can't wait to greet them all with "fangikatickles".


Joan (Nature News Reporter Joan)
Todge (Nature News Reporter Todge)
Dweeb (Nature News Reporter Dweeb)
Blizzard Boy
The Giant Sky Blue Walrus

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