The Humbledigans is one of my four fan-made spinoff series of The Backyardigans.


  • Iggy - a golden eagle (without the beak)
  • Todge - a tiger (without the fangs)
  • Joan - a ram ('cause she's tomboyish)
  • Wimzie - a beagle
  • Dweeb - a octopus


Season One

  1. The Gladyn Knight
  2. The Case of the Giant Sky Blue Walrus
  3. Jungle Bungle
  4. Gunfight at Dogpea Corral
  5. The Adventure of the Spy-Ke Squad
  6. Dial of the Nile
  7. Viking Vreckers
  8. The Flintstone Quest
  9. To Surf or Not To Surf

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