The Kids On The Flying Trapeze is a song from Best Circus Acts In Town. It was originally written by Walter O'Keefe, and is sung to the tune of "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze".


What's that in the sky
Near the top of the tent
The lights have gone dim
It's a major event
The ringmaster shouts
He is proud to present
The kids on the flying trapeze

A spotlight goes 'round
And a drum starts to roll
You can feel your heart quicken its beat
And just when it seems
That you've lost all control
You look up from the edge of your seat

They fly through the air
With the greatest of ease
The daring young kids
On the flying trapeze
They gracefully float
As if part of the breeze
It's quite a spectacular sight

(instrumental break)

A single, a double
A three quarter twist
Their effortless gliding
Is not to be missed
You need sturdy legs
And a flexible wrist
To soar on the flying trapeze

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