This article is a transcript for the episode The Magic of Silence.


(Zoom in on Austin with a wizard hat and an anthropomorphic dog)

(Austin performed his magic trick and the dog applauded)

(Austin then faces towards us)

Austin: Hi there! It's me Austin. I'm a sorcerer and I can do magic tricks. Oh, and this is my new friend, Jeff. He moved in yesterday.

(Jeff waves hello but he doesn't say hello)

Austin: The only problem is, Jeff is deaf. That means that he can't hear. But he can communicate with me by using sign language with his hands. He and I are getting along really well because I know about sign language and I can translate what he's saying in sign language.

(Jeff then motions his hands to tell Austin to come over)

Austin: What is it, Jeff?

(Jeff then signs)

Austin: (translating Jeff's signing) "I'm feeling okay with you being my friend. But I'm still shy about meeting your other friends since I moved in." (Austin then does his sign language) Don't worry, Jeff. I used to be shy too when I moved in. But now I'm feeling good about being their friend. I can help you find a way to fit in.

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