This article is a transcript for the episode The Magic of Silence.


(Zoom in on Austin with a wizard hat, Jordan with a witch hat, and an anthropomorphic dog)

(Austin and Jordan performed their magic trick and the dog applauded)

(Austin and Jordan then faces towards us)

Austin: Hi there! It's me Austin.

Jordan: And Jordan.

Austin: We're sorcerers and we can do magic tricks.

Jordan: Oh, and this is our new friend, Jeff. He moved in yesterday.

(Jeff waves hello but he doesn't say hello)

Austin: The only problem is, Jeff is deaf. That means that he can't hear. But he can communicate with me by using sign language with his hands.

Jordan: We're are getting along really well with Jeff because we know about sign language and we can translate what he's saying in sign language.

(Jeff then motions his hands to tell Austin and Jordan to come over)

Austin: What is it, Jeff?

(Jeff then signs)

Jordan: (translating Jeff's signing) "I'm feeling okay with you being my friend. But I'm still shy about meeting your other friends since I moved in."

Austin: (Austin then does his sign language) Don't worry, Jeff. I used to be shy too when I moved in. But now I'm feeling good about being their friend. I can help you find a way to fit in.