This article is a transcript for the episode The Royal Ballet.


(after rescuing Austin)

Uniqua (Uniqua the Ballet Dancer): Austin, what were you doing?

Austin (Austin the Ballet Dancer): I just wanted to impress Martin.

Martin (Director Martin): No, Austin. It was my fault. I wanted you to dance the way I want it to be so that it would impress the king and queen. But instead, I've gotten into some very bad habits and I've alienated everyone. And Uniqua, you were right. There is no such thing as perfection. From now on, I will let you all dance the way you like, and I promise that if anyone makes a mistake, I will be more encouraging and less selfish.

(after the show was over)

Martin (Director Martin): I really want to apologize to everyone, especially for Austin, for getting so carried away.

Andrew (Conductor Andrew): Well, sometimes taking on such a big responsibility can be a little overwhelming.

Martin (Director Martin): Don't I know? (chuckles)

(everyone else laughs)

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