Tyrone is a moose. He is one of the Backyardigans. Tyrone has a dad and a bike. He lives in an orange house. His favorite music is the polka, and he is best friends with Pablo. Tyrone is scared of most things, including robotic bugs, ghosts, and spooky voices. He can talk to Wormans. Tyrone is the tallest Backyardigan (because of his antlers).



Tyrone is mostly orange. He has red hair and white eyes with black pupils. His shirt is red and blue striped. Tyrone doesn't have pants. Tyrone's feet are orange.


Tyrone has appeared in almost every fanmade episode of The Backyardigans.

In JettaLee28

In the live-action videos by Jettalee28, Tyrone is a plush doll and the best friend of Tasha.

In The Adventures of Uniqua & Pablo

In the fanmade spin-off The Adventures of Uniqua & Pablo, Tyrone's name is often shortened to 'Rone. He acts as the tritagonist, as he did in the original show.

In Backyardigans in Brazil

On Fanmade Novel FROM backyardigans Tyrone playing as The Doctor Tyrone.

In The Backyardigans 64

In Homsar, Tyrone accidentally dresses up as Homsar.

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